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comment How does a shower valve get installed backwards?
Also, when the cold water handle is 'backwards', turning either handle counterclockwise will result in warmer water, and turning either handle clockwise will result in colder water.
comment How can I tap an unused well for outdoor watering?
You might also check on the legality of using well water for irrigation. My parents drilled a residential well (in the dry, water-obsessed West) ten years ago, and one of the rules is that they can't use it to irrigate more than 0.25 acres.
comment Why won't my circular saw blade tighten on the spindle?
Here's an even more simplistic question: There should be some sort of blade stop on the saw that prevents it from turning when you tighten the bolt down. Are you engaging that?
comment Can I run an unrelated electrical cable under a bathtub?
Thanks for the information. While working to remodel that room, I removed some wainscotting. And discovered that it's not the only room in the house without a grounded outlet. Instead, a former owner had decided to cover it up. So for me, this question is moot.
comment Can I run an unrelated electrical cable under a bathtub?
My main thought for even thinking that this might be a good idea is that if I had a modern whirlpool tub, there'd definitely be electricity running through that same area. It's an ?acrylic? tub - plastic-y, maybe 15 years old.
comment How can I install an electrical panel when the stud cavity is too narrow?
comment How to setup a shower timer to actually turn off the water?
"Do you want to shut off the water entirely, or just the hot water?" he asked, with an evil glint in his eyes...
comment What is a 'grounded neutral' and how bad is it?
That's possible, though the main panel is right where electricity comes to the house, and the conduit leading from the main panel to the subpanel is installed in a way that it's obviously not original - It runs along the ceiling of a laundry room that used to have drywall on the ceiling and doesn't anymore. On the other hand, it seems odd that they'd install the subpanel, move the 2-wire circuits, and not upgrade them to grounded. Old houses can be an enigma...
comment What is a 'grounded neutral' and how bad is it?
One more comment: I was going to confirm this last night but forgot to, and now I'm at work again and unable to. I'm pretty sure I get my Neutral from the power company.
comment What is a 'grounded neutral' and how bad is it?
"Grounded neutral" was written in the email. But thanks for the info. My system is grounded to water pipes, I don't have a grounding rod. Though looking at the primary grounding point, it looks a bit corroded. (Replacing previous incorrect comment)
comment How can I stop my fireplace from disabling my thermostat?
I'm intrigued by the notion of using a roaring fire to cool my house down in the summer, rather than my expensive air conditioner.
comment How do you know when you need a new water heater?
Survivor Bias. Out of all the Kenmore and Montgomery Ward HWHs installed in 1982 (30 years ago), only a tiny fraction are still in service today. You don't see the ones that didn't last 30 years.
comment When I turn down the dimmer switch on my lights, do I actually use less electricity?
A 100W bulb dimmed to be as bright as a 60W will use more energy than a 60W bulb running at full brightness.