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comment Cost effectiveness of replacing brass door knobs and hinges
Do you mean the hardware is actual brass or just has a fake brass plating on it? If it's actual brass then by all means keep it. It's valuable and expensive. If it's just fake brass plating then yeah, replacing it with something more modern looking might be worth it.
comment repair drywall in the shower
Either replace the drywall bordering the shower with moisture resistant drywall, or put a tile border around the shower.
comment How high can I adjust water pressure?
Great answer, thanks! As for pump wear, wouldn't using a wider pressure range like 40/70 give me both higher pressure and less cycling of the pump?
comment why did our fridge stop working?
I don't think any site on stackexchange will welcome this question. I would google the specific make/model and I'm sure you'll find sites that address this problem, perhaps even the manufacturer's support site, which would be your best bet.
comment can i paint my bathtub wall?
Because the first photo wasn't rotated, I didn't realize at first that the painted wall was at tub-level where it would be exposed to direct water contact, so I voted to delete my answer. I agree completely with this answer. You can't have drywall in a shower below the shower head level.
comment Is it wise to cut a long trench in concrete slab foundation?
I'm no engineer, but as long as the cut isn't being made near a load-bearing wall, I don't see why it would compromise the foundation. I'd be more concerned with making sure you've got good drainage. If there's any water under that slab, it's going to rise.
comment How can I remove a key that has broken off in a lock?
This turned out to be the solution. The hardware store had a pair of needle nose pliers with very fine tips. It was the only thing I could find that could get in there.
comment How can I remove a key that has broken off in a lock?
How did you use a barbecue skewer?
comment How can I remove a key that has broken off in a lock?
Well, that would probably do it but it looks pretty expensive. Is there a tool at the local hardware store that would suffice?
comment Does flaw in asphalt driveway need to be repaired; and if so, how?
Yeah, thought about that, but every cut-and-patch I've ever seen with asphalt just gets worse with time. I'd be afraid the cure is worse than the disease.