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comment What is the method to seal a concrete roof?
If your roof is flat, you cannot waterproof it with tiles. You will need to go with one of the many options for flat roofing. There are many single-ply options, which are the best, there is modified bitumen (torch-down), and there is a typical tar and gravel type system that would suit your needs. Is there an existing roof system or is it just bare concrete? If it is bare, how old is this building?
comment Is a glass shower screen a suitable backing for mosaics?
Are you opposed to simply trying to remove the "haze" from the glass screen? It could be as simple as hard water buildup or soap scum that is creating the haze or as difficult as microscratching from repeated scrubbings or caustic cleaning chemicals. If you're willing to try to restore the glass, I would start with a CLR/water solution, spray it on, leave for a few minutes, then spray it again before scrubbing it down. If that doesn't remove the haze, then it's likely microscratches that could be polished off with polishing compound.
comment Which flat roofing system requires the least maintenance?
Which leads me to another point. Energy efficiency. A white PVC roof can be anywhere from 80-95% reflective, leading to significant energy savings due to keeping the interior of the building much cooler. On a large scale like multiple apartment buildings, we're talking about savings in the tens of thousands of dollars per year, assuming you do that annual light powerwash.
comment Which flat roofing system requires the least maintenance?
Not for a flat roof with a warranty it isn't. Maintenance costs for "traditional" flat roofing systems (modified bitumen or a built-up-roof) tend to add up over the stated lifetime of the roof, with the maintenance costs snowballing upwards at about the half-way point of their lives. As I stated before, a good quality PVC roof will have minimal maintenance costs associated with its upkeep. In fact, as long as you choose a manufacturer with a good warranty, the only maintenance required is an annual light powerwash of the roof and cleaning of the drains and/or scuppers.
comment Which flat roofing system requires the least maintenance?
It is similar in terms of the way it looks and is installed, but PVC is an alltogether better product. TPO is an unreinforced product that is weak structurally, tears easily, and lasts 5-10 years at best depending on climate. However, it is roughly half the cost of PVC. A good PVC product will be reinforced, strong, and last 15-20 years.