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comment Is it acceptable to not have access to the main water shutoff valve?
I would install a shut off of your own. It may be an added expense and possibly 'should' be borne by the HOA, but I can't imagine it being more than $500 and the peace of mind it will give you is much more than that.
comment Need a water sensor/switch for basement that I can interface to a PC
If you want to make it even more bare bones you'll need to move to something like Arduino or Spark -
comment Will this light fixture wiring pass inspection?
Doing it the second way has the downside that the fixture is always hot - I.e. you couldn't easily remove a broken lightbulb without turning off the breaker whereas the code compliant way allows you to remove all "hotness" from the fixture by turning off the switch.
comment How to buy a land and build a cottage in the United States?
I think at a minimum it would need to be zoned by the appropriate zoning authority for the purpose you intend. This is probably very state specific. I'd probably give one of the state's new construction licensing/inspection departments a call and ask them - they probably will be able to point you in the right direction.
comment Running air handler condensate drain into sump?
The problem is that in order to get to the laundry sink it has to go across the shelves. I don't have a lot of vertical drop to play with. However, we're going to do the closet track system, and it occurs to me that we might be able to put the vertical standards against the wall, and then just put the PVC across the standards right in front of them, with possibly a couple of elbows to just make sure that we don't bend it too much.
comment Running air handler condensate drain into sump?
I am in Maryland
comment What could be causing my electric hob to leak voltage?
For those trying to follow along at home, a hob is a cooktop.
comment The best kind of tiles for using on floor and walls
I'm not completely sure what your question is. Are you asking what are the most durable choices for floor and walls for tiles?
comment Can using two hoses deliver more water?
Also, depending on how often you'll be doing this, note that your water bills are actually a water bill + sewage bill in one. The sewage bill is actually much higher, and if this water won't ever get to the sewage it might be possible to rent a hydrant meter. e.g. :
comment What are the differences between these types of small-dimension lumber?
Nobody should ever use furring strips in any sort of structural capacity, they're just meant as a surface to create points to attach other structural members.
comment Can I put a 75 watt equivalent led bulb in a fixture that says 60 watts max?
Possible duplicate of…
comment What is the typical dishwasher/disposer electrical connection?
To be fair, 220/240 in the US can be a mismash but dishwashers fall in the 'standard appliance' category.
comment How do I stop my garage door from opening on its own?
That instructables URL is interesting, but that particular one is just controlling the inside-the-house X10 setup to simulate a push on the button, not sending RF to the garage door opener
comment What kind of wood is recommended for replacing kitchen cabinet shelving?
Just bare plywood shelves? Not sealed or anything?
comment Should I use 2' x 2' tiles for a galley kitchen?
This is largely an aesthetic question ,as you point out. It's not great for this site.
comment How can I measure lengths greater than 50' to a precision of less than 1/16"?
This is s 'shopping' question, which are typically not a great fit for this site. Check out
comment How can I replace an air conditioning thermostat?
You can put in a link to your picture and someone can edit it in for you.
comment How can I remove this flapper alternative?
Indeed, it took quite a bit of force on those side hole brackets to get the flapper to pop out.
comment Why won't the fan run independently of the air conditioner?
If you've got a click in the furnace, that more than likely means that the relay that controls the furnace is engaging. However, the fan itself isn't spinning, so it's likely between the relay and the fan (or the fan itself?). Do you have a wiring diagram for the furnace?
comment How to rescue exterior door paint job?
Oh, I understand you don't need to take off multiple layers. I'm just saying that this will do the trick. To be honest, this didn't really take all that much time and I think you'll be happier with the results if you just take off the paint. I would also look at the manual for the door and see if it wants to be primed first.