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comment Is it wrong to connect multiple J-bends (traps) together?
Ah - I was thinking something like this 90 degree elbow had to exist. They didn't have any in 1-1/4" at the Home Depot I was at. Will find one somewhere and fix this the right way (eliminating the flexible pipe I used) next time I'm on the property. Thx!
comment How can I repair peeling finish on a faucet handle?
Indeed, I don't want to spend hours on this, but unfortunately a replacement faucet won't be easy - if you look closely you'll note that because of the design, the hole in the sink is cut a bit left of the center point. Any viable replacement faucet would need to have a similar design for it to look right. I can't find a brand name on it, btw, so asking for a replacement handle is difficult.
comment How can I repair peeling finish on a faucet handle?
it certainly appears to be screwed in but no amount of bare hand force causes it to budge... I may attempt using a pair of pliers very carefully and see if it will come loose. Not sure how it could be attached if it wasn't screwed on, so I'm guessing it's just a little tough. The walnut idea is very cool...
comment Is there a wireless thermostat that will make relocating easier?
Thanks, that actually got me heading in the right direction although it's not quite what I need. It appears that those units are intended to be used as components of an entire "FocusPRO Ecosystem" (for lack of a better description). I don't think it'd work properly without the master unit. I found some other solutions and am currently bidding on a base + remote unit from a company called Venstar... seems like a workable solution.