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I love coding!

The way I get to do what I love is by specializing in integration data between Project Management and ERP systems. For example, I integrate Primavera with JD Edwards. Or PeopleSoft, or Timberline, or, heck, even an Excel spreadsheet.

I have a number of frameworks I've developed to help me do this. Most of my work is done on C#, using Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and Silverlight. I also play with developing WP7 apps for fun.

Recently I've been playing with EC2, Sharepoint, and Powershell. Learning a heck of alot and having fun.

comment Is there a better more flexible framing material for screens than aluminum kits?
Not in these old ones. It is ridiculously awkward.
comment What could cause a chainsaw chain to stop moving?
That was it - kickback break. Thank you.
comment Should a post in a circular concrete form go through the bottom?
Right now I'm moving to putting rive rocks at the bottom of the form. The post will sit on 2 inches of these, and the concrete will then flow around them, sealing the bottom.