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I love software development, and technology of all kinds. I have a boy and a girl and a beautiful wife, all of whom I adore. I practice Traditional Chinese Kung Fu, and hope that my kids will too. I write code and play boardgames in my spare time.

I currently work as a JEE engineer in Edina, MN.

comment When drywalling a room, should I do the ceiling before the walls?
Blocking should be done no matter the order that the walls and ceiling go up.
comment Do I need a corded drill to mix thinset?
I didn't think so, but at the time I had already done a lot of research, so I already knew most of the info in there. Reviewing it now, there is a fair amount of info that could help others.
comment How can I dog-proof a chain link fence?
I'd fix your spelling mistake (last line, "presventing"), but one character is too few for an edit.
comment Should I replace or repair my dead/dying garage door?
Re: replacing torsion springs: diy.stackexchange.com/questions/12762/…
comment How do I “fix” a bad sweat (solder) joint?
One other note to add to your process: start applying the solder to the side opposite the heat. The flux should pull the solder all the way around toward the heat if you're doing it right. I learned this while replacing fixtures in a bathroom remodel recently, and it worked well for me.