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comment What is coming out of these water pipes?
If you don't know the answer, why are you answering?
comment new laminate flooring over existing hardwood, what underlayment should be used?
If your existing hardwood really "is in decent shape, a few scratches here or there that could probably be fixed", then why oh why don't you fix those scratches and refinish the floor??? Why commit the crime of putting laminate over it? It's got to be cheaper to sand & poly than it is to buy and install laminate. The kitchen's another matter, obviously, but even there, most laminates aren't suited to kitchen (read: possibly wet) use.
comment What should we do with floor tiles that were applied with Type 1 Mapei mastic?
@User95050: unless gravity suddenly goes out of whack, floor tiles cannot possibly fall on the tub.
comment What type of connector is this and how do I remove it?
@AbdiasSoftware, except that will leave the connector unusable. (It's pretty hard to remove the wire when you have a relatively large area to tug on. If you remove that large area, it becomes pretty much impossible to remove the wire bits that remain in the connector.)
comment Laying Tile Over Asbestos Floor Tile
Yup: when you say "old tile", absolutely nobody is going to picture anything with asbestos in it. "Tile" is equivalent to "ceramic tile", pretty much.
comment What is this thing next to my sink?
Wouldn't it be better to ask this as two separate questions? Right now, the best answer about the timer is completely wrong about the dishwasher air vent, so it's hard to know whether to upvote it or downvote it.
comment Which laminate flooring is best with a largish dog?
This is a well-written and well-thought-out answer, but unfortunately, it's answering a different question than the one that was asked.
comment Why does it seem all new faucets are using braided hose instead of stainless steel?
+1 for durability: the ribbed hose only looks more durable.
comment How can I install a window air conditioner in a metal window frame?
How wide is the flat part behind the metal lip? Can you attach (glue?) a 2x4 there?
comment Is it safe to flush expired food down the toilet?
I'm puzzled: why on earth would you want to flush food down the drain, any drain? What's wrong with putting it in the trash? (Or in the compost bin if you have one?) The disposer's purpose is so you don't have to sit there fishing grody food waste out of your sink after washing the dishes, not to act as a waste receptacle.
comment How do I secure my house against intruders?
People get into such a fix about intruders that they forget basic logic. I don't know how many apartments I've seen in large cities that have metal gates that can't be opened without a key - basically, if there's a fire, you're burning inside, because if it's dark and smoky and panicky, there ain't no way you're getting that gate open. And yet the people who live in these apartments think that this is somehow a good thing.
comment How can I repair a shattered clay pot lid?
Pedantic, I know, but shattered implies many more pieces than just two. This lid is simply broken.
comment What is the easiest way to stop a door from catching on the floor?
@oscilatingcretin, in general, all interior doors are hollow. The privacy you want in a bathroom is for sight, not sound, so anything that isn't transparent will work.
comment What kitchen counter material would you recommend and why?
A friend of ours used granite tiles. They make bullnose tiles for the edges, so the countertop looks like a, well, countertop. They had a bit of trouble around one corner of the sink - they kept breaking tiles when they tried to cut it to the appropriate shape. They finally ended up doing it out of two pieces there. Other than that, it looks and behaves pretty much like solid granite, for a very small fraction of the cost.
comment Increase wood fireplace efficiency
I once vacuumed some thought-they-were-cooled ashes. It was a very old-fashioned canister vacuum, i.e. all metal parts except the bag. My mom ended up sewing a new bag for the vacuum, but it still smelled like smoke for many years after that. Needless to say, it was relegated to shop or outdoor use.
comment How do I make a height adjustable desk?
What happens if I want to read one of my computer supports? :)
comment Can I apply water based polyurethane over oil based polyurethane and vice versa?
Is there such a thing as water-based polyurethane?
comment Toilet not always flushing fully, what could be wrong?
If your house is that new, then it almost certainly has water-saving toilets installed, and the cheaper water-saving toilets simply don't work too well. We had one that you had to flush three times to have any result, which of course thoroughly negated the low gallons-per-flush. Replaced it with a higher-end toilet (researched and found one that was rated excellent on flushing performance) and have had no further problems.
comment How can I plug the gap between a dishwasher and kitchen skirting board?
Can you post a photo of the gap you're talking about? I'm having a hard time picturing what you mean.
comment what is beeping in my house?
@Asdfg, actually, random beeping is much more likely to be caused by something that is not plugged in, i.e. something that runs on a battery (and said battery is dying).