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I've been a professional software developer for about ten years, with the last two thirds of that doing work related to the web. I try to be agnostic about my choices of technology. I've worn multiple hats, and have been a system administrator, UI designer, and marketing professional at one point or another.

After stints in DC, Los Angeles, and Boston, I live in Pittsburgh, PA by choice, and think it's an awesome place.

I've recently started a new position and have begun a retooling; these days I'm taking a crashcourse in C++ and Python, and doing very little Java at the moment.

Outside of technology, I'm a woodworker, and spend most of my free time trying to figure out how to build new things. I love my motorcycle, do a bit of gardening, and have the best girlfriend ever.

If you've read any number of my posts, you'll pick up that I'm basically a broken record when it comes to recommending reading a few specific books. If there was a course that computer science degrees miss that was designed to make you a much better developer, even odds that The Pragmatic Programmer and Code Complete would be the reference texts.

Meanwhile, some of my responses, which are often more telling than an autobiographical blurb:

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