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I am the Manager of Application Programming for the Informatics group at Purdue University where I'm responsible for providing development in the areas of research, teaching, and learning. My experience includes application development, project management, and driving new and creative Web and Mobile strategies. The work of my group has been featured by the New York Times, CNET, and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

comment Gas furnace kicks on then off frequently
Out of all the great advice in this answer, this turned out to be the correct solution "If you can see the pilot flame, but the sensor is not detecting it. Try gently cleaning the sensor with fine steel wool, to remove any built up carbon."
comment How do I seal a leaky roof and repair the minor ceiling damage it caused?
I'm not sure exactly how to describe a roof, but it has asphalt shingles and is sloped. Thanks!
comment How do you remove paint and rust from outdoor chairs?
Whatever would be fast, easy, and cheap.
comment What is the best way to clean your clothes dryer exhaust?
worked great, thanks!