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I've been Linux user for over 10 years, and been computing since around age 11. I got my start in programming by learning Perl on my Debian machine in high school. Since then I've learned numerous languages including C, C++, and Python. I've also dabbled in Java and assembly.

I have a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

I've worked in Japan as a CAD software developer in C++ on Windows. Not my favorite environment, but an interesting project never the less.

I'm currently employed by a Vancouver-based biotech startup working primarily on systems level projects but doing my fair share of software development.

My favorite programming language is Python and I use it nearly every day. My recent interests lie in virtualization, hpc, and large-scale systems management. I'm an active contributor to the Bcfg2 project.

comment How can I improve the cold floor in my ground-floor unit?
Greg, your comment and blog post sealed the deal for me. I heard about DeltaFL elsewhere, and the fact that it's available at Rona is nice too. It's good to hear that someone else has had success with it. I will probably go with this option and either put laminate directly on the DeltaFL or lay down some OSB first. Presumably the OSB option would be a bit sturdier and perhaps slightly better insulated. Sounds like the whole project could come out to under $3k at that rate.