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Network Engineer, aspiring super rock star. Writer of songs light and heavy.

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1981 Gibson Les Paul XR-1; 2008(9) Gibson Les Paul Studio; 1989 Ibanez 540R; Yamaha acoustic/electric (model escapes me); BC Rich Mockingbird Thin-line Acoustic/Electric;; 2008 Simmons Echo 5-String Bass

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Line 6 60W Flextone Plus with extension cab; Bugera 333XL head with Marshall Cab; Randall Commander H-120 (I think, hidden away in storage); Hartke bass combo; Fender Champ;

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MXR Carbon copy Delay; MXR Vintage Phase 90; MXR Smart Gate; MXR Full Bore ; Digitech Whammy; ISP Decimator TC Electronic Nova Repeater; Snarling Dogs ABY; another AB ; Morley Bad Horsie Whah; Morley Volume;

comment Should I replace or patch a plaster ceiling?
The plaster in the dining room fell due to lathing that was warped. not by moisture though, we checked. So if I repaired that particular hole, the lathe would need to be replaced, which leads me to..why not just do the whole thing since there is a good chance I'm just going to have to fix another part of the ceiling anyway too. Thanks for your very detailed answer.
comment Should I replace or patch a plaster ceiling?
I understand the mess part of it, that's why I haven't done it yet. I really don't want to just cover it up, it seems it will mess up the feel of the ceiling heights in the adjoining rooms. Plus I will have to deal with other soon to be gaping holes in other rooms. I don't want to replace every ceiling, I guess I'm looking for ideas.