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comment How do I repair a faucet that is leaking into the vanity cabinet underneath?
I figure the source of the leak is the spout in the middle as the hot and cold handles either side of it aren't leaking. Both the hot and cold water make it to the spout unhindered but while the water is coming out of the spout into the bowl it is also coming out of the spout base which is located inside the cabinet under the bowl.
comment How can I fix an exterior door that is hard to close?
Hi shirlock - my house is an older style one so the laundry area is located at the back with this door giving access to the back yard. I have replaced the middle screw in the top hinge with a 3 inch screw as you suggested and it has pulled the door back so that it doesnt overlap the door jamb anymore (success) but it is rubbing against it now so if I put a larger screw in will it pull it back even further? Thank you for your great advice it is much appreciated