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comment How can I make a room look bigger using tile?
I think this may be bordering on off-topic decorating advice. You can find quite a few articles on this topic with a quick Google search though.
comment How can I secure a shed with a skid foundation in a windy location?
Your answer got me on the right track. I found these earth anchors specifically designed for sheds that I think I'm going to end up using.
comment How can I repair a towel bar with one end ripped out of the wall?
@Bryce: It's a towel bar, not a handrail specifically designed to arrest falls. For the intended purpose, the "DIY fix" I suggested should be every bit as strong, if not stronger than the original hardware, which has already failed.
comment How can I repair a towel bar with one end ripped out of the wall?
Excellent suggestion, @MichaelKaras.
comment How can I find the square footage of an irregular driveway?
The 13% is fairly close to my answer - comes out to 9,165 sq. ft. Good to know there's another option cheaper than $3000/seat.
comment Adding a C wire to a new Honeywell WIfi Thermostat
Possible duplicate: diy.stackexchange.com/questions/40224/…
comment I have paint over unsanded drywall compound. What is the best way to fix it?
What exactly did the painter agree to do before he started the work? Because professional painters are not the same as professional drywall installers. Did you specifically tell him you wanted the walls sanded smooth prior to painting, or did he just agree to make sure there wasn't any remaining drywall dust? If the issue was not a communications breakdown, then the painter should definitely fix his mistakes free of charge. However, if you just told him you wanted him to prep and paint the wall, it's not so clear - he SHOULD have clarified, but it's not completely on him. Please add details.
comment Installing of Honeywell Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat
@Tester101 Looks like you're right - I just saw the blue wire connected on the furnace and assumed it was the same one at the thermostat. That's what I get for having a heat pump with only one set of wires.
comment Can I use aluminum or plastic sheeting between decking and joists to waterproof under a deck?
My first concern when I saw your question was the plastic trapping water agains the underside of the deck and causing it to rot. Your solution alleviates my concerns somewhat since you included a method for drainage, but I'm still a little worried about the plastic sandwiched between the joist and the decking never drying out. What about building a separate "roof" suspended just underneath the deck joists?
comment How often should I run a bleach and water solution through condensate lines?
Ah yes, the AC Contractor Mafia, sowing fear to keep DIYers at bay.
comment What type of exterior caulk is this, and how can I remove/repair it?
It's rock hard at 45°F. If I hit it with a heat gun for a while it gets really gummy/sticky.
comment How long should I let my window dry out before caulking?
I actually ended up using a heat gun anyway to soften and remove the old caulk in the areas there were cracks, so I'll accept this answer. Your second option wouldn't work since duct tape doesn't do a great job of sticking to masonry, especially if it's wet.
comment How can I hang ceramic art on drywall?
For starters, how much does it weigh? When you say drywall screws, do you mean regular drywall screws, or drywall anchors? Can you shift the artwork sideways a little bit so you can hit a stud?
comment How much space do I need between rafter ties?
Stop. No. Don't. Your walls will have a HUGE outward force on them if you eliminate the rafter ties, and moving them up will put a much larger load on the ties as well. I would never attempt to do this type of renovation to my own home, but PLEASE go talk to an engineer if you're still bent on doing this. Explanation of some of the physics involved here: diy.stackexchange.com/a/9497/20
comment Covering insulation in the garage
I agree, drywall should definitely be cheaper than plywood.
comment Any ideas on hiding a TV in a coffee table?
Toshiba lists a recommended viewing distance for different screen sizes here. Some companies also make under-the-bed TV lifts, but they might unbalance a coffee table. (I have no affiliation with any of the above companies I mentioned.)
comment What's the least intrusive way to find out what's in a wall?
They actually make magnetic stud finders that release a magnet as you sweep it past a nail/screw in the drywall.
comment How can I hide exposed countersunk screws in kitchen cabinets side panel?
@DarkcatStudios, The question may have seemed simple enough to you, but trivializing the OP's question doesn't help them out any. It wasn't a stupid question, just an easy one for most people who have a little experience with home repair/woodworking. Isn't that the whole point of this site? To impart our DIY knowledge/experience to others?
comment How do I remove a rust stain on my bathroom vanity counter?
I've had success with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser before. I'm not sure how it will affect your counter top though.
comment How do I remove plastic shelving molly clips?
What's going to stop the part in the wall from simply spinning with the screw when you try to screw them back together?