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Professionally a computer software engineer, but decades of experience maintaining a home, remodeling, and doing amateur handyman work for relatives, neighbors, and friends.

  • remodeled a residential kitchen beginning by tearing the old one down to studs
  • installed natural gas black pipe for a house with no gas before
  • replaced electrical service panel
  • installed gas fireplace insert
  • installed tankless water heater
  • tore out wall surrounding a passageway to create an open kitchen
  • filled another doorway in to create a long side galley style kitchen
  • rewired kitchen from one measly 15 amp outlet circuit with three outlets and one range circuit to six 20 amp circuits with three lighting styles, and an extra for a gas range with a small electric oven; there are now about 20 outlet receptacles
  • framed half-wall and range hood mount
  • installed water outlet for icemaker refrigerator
  • repair ceiling to remove unwanted range fan, crumbling from overload electrical junction box, and damage from removed cupboards and shelving
  • sheetrock and mud (5+ layers) for smooth texture
  • installed 400 cfm range hood
  • install floating cork flooring
  • installed gas range
  • hung cupboards
  • install cabinets and pulls
  • install new tile-in cast iron kitchen sink, new faucet, new filtered water dispenser
  • install dishwasher
  • install garbage disposal
  • install under cabinet lighting
  • install under cabinet outlet strips
  • install granite tile countertops

comment Is it sane to use a normal router to cut drywall, approximating a spiral saw?
Why kind of drywall work are you doing that could possibly suggest such a heavy duty solution (the router)? Maybe you are doing intricate carvings?
answered How should I control my garage heater?
comment Why is one bedroom colder than the rest of the house?
What climate is the house in? What sort of exterior temperatures make the heating disparity noticeable?
revised Why is one bedroom colder than the rest of the house?
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comment What can I do if I need another gang in a junction box but there isn't space in the wall?
@Ecnerwal: While the photo I chose is potentially humorous, a three gang version wouldn't look silly, yet be easier to wire since it wouldn't require chaining the power feed into both boxes.
comment Can I hang a TV with one stud and drywall anchors?
@Ecnerwal: Perhaps, unless there is good viewing from along the wall.
answered What can I do if I need another gang in a junction box but there isn't space in the wall?
comment How can I hang a ceiling fan on a cathedral ceiling without wiring or an electrial box?
Cutting into drywall is not really all that disruptive: most of the wire can be run without opening the drywall. At worst, a good installer can cut small holes at the attachment point, at the top of the wall above the switch, and maybe the bottom of the ceiling next to the wall where the wire will go.
answered How can I get the supply line brass valve seat on Pfister tub/shower mixer valve to stop leaking?
answered How can I build a shed in two halves and join them without the roof leaking?
comment What could cause a recessed light to come on when removing the neighboring bulb?
What exactly do you mean by daisy chained?
answered Can I hang a TV with one stud and drywall anchors?
comment What type of tool do I need to remove this screw?
It is surprisingly hard to tell from the photos if that is a squarish depression or projection. If it is a depression, it sure looks like a square drive bit will do the job.
revised How can I find an open neutral?
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revised removal of subfloor for exterior wall
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comment Is AutoCAD knowledge all I needed to be a good designer of electrical drawing
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about using application software.
comment What could cause my water tank to leak only when I turn off the main water supply?
@MMJ: Did I answer your question? If so, please upvote and/or accept my answer (by clicking on the checkmark outline next to my answer).
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answered Can fluorescent lamps work in low voltage grid?
comment How should I connect an electric cook top to an existing dededicated 3 wire armored cable?
Is this in North America?