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Professionally a computer software engineer, but decades of experience maintaining a home, remodeling, and doing amateur handyman work for relatives, neighbors, and friends.

  • remodeled a residential kitchen beginning by tearing the old one down to studs
  • installed natural gas black pipe for a house with no gas before
  • replaced electrical service panel
  • installed gas fireplace insert
  • installed tankless water heater
  • tore out wall surrounding a passageway to create an open kitchen
  • filled another doorway in to create a long side galley style kitchen
  • rewired kitchen from one measly 15 amp outlet circuit with three outlets and one range circuit to six 20 amp circuits with three lighting styles, and an extra for a gas range with a small electric oven; there are now about 20 outlet receptacles
  • framed half-wall and range hood mount
  • installed water outlet for icemaker refrigerator
  • repair ceiling to remove unwanted range fan, crumbling from overload electrical junction box, and damage from removed cupboards and shelving
  • sheetrock and mud (5+ layers) for smooth texture
  • installed 400 cfm range hood
  • install floating cork flooring
  • installed gas range
  • hung cupboards
  • install cabinets and pulls
  • install new tile-in cast iron kitchen sink, new faucet, new filtered water dispenser
  • install dishwasher
  • install garbage disposal
  • install under cabinet lighting
  • install under cabinet outlet strips
  • install granite tile countertops

comment How to repair a crack along the grain in a solid block of wood from a single tree?
What do you mean by "repair"? Do you want it to be invisible? Or is keeping it from getting larger/longer good enough?
comment Would wrapping a wood fence post in plastic help protect it?
Where did you hear about concrete no longer being recommended?
comment Should my first power saw be a circular or jig saw?
I use the laser feature of my circular saw on about half of all cuts perhaps because I don't rip boards very often. I use it on maybe 95% of cuts to sheet materials (plywood).
comment How can I determine what's behind a wall?
What kind of wall is there: Concrete? Drywall finished lumber framing? Plywood?
answered Where do I find a 3" threaded trap for shower base
comment How can I wire this three-way circuit between two buildings with only 3 conductors?
What is a Carter style setup? What is a California style three way?
comment Furniture needs to be attached to the wall, but my tenancy agreement doesn't allow it
@FiascoLabs: The Cascadian subduction zone is not a recent discovery. We were warned of it in the mid-1970s.
comment Why does my GFI keep going off? Is it dangerous?
@diceless: The ground is not wired to a GFI at all.
answered How can I protect a heat pump from heavy snow?
answered What could cause my water tank to leak only when I turn off the main water supply?
comment Is it possible to control 3 light fixtures with 4 switches?
@ThreePhaseEel: That is impressively persistent! I expect that violates NEC somewhere somehow, if not a particular requirement, then at least in spirit. Woe to any electrician or homeowner who has to come along later and figure out what is going on.
comment Furniture needs to be attached to the wall, but my tenancy agreement doesn't allow it
This is a very strange situation. 99% of Ikea's furniture does not need to be attached to the wall. What are you looking at?
answered How to run electrical wire in concrete ceilng?
comment Where to attach the “C” wire to my furnace?
@Tester101: Point taken. I have revised my wording.
revised Where to attach the “C” wire to my furnace?
more neutral wording
revised What is causing my AC to trip the breaker after running for about an hour?
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comment How to get rid of echo inside the apartment?
@moonstar2001: Probably the wall had paintings and photos hung on it and furniture against the wall? Just put them back like before the wall was redone.
answered Where to attach the “C” wire to my furnace?
comment Why would a circuit breaker not trip if I accidentally shorted hot to neutral?
@bobfandango: Something seems to have gone wrong with your link. The correct one is apps.geindustrial.com/publibrary/checkout/…
revised What can I do about my kitchen sink that has clogged suddenly and completely?
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