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comment How do I patch rusty spots in bathtub?
Great, thanks (I just realized I missed the part of your answer where you said: "You simply sand out any rust"...)
comment How do I patch rusty spots in bathtub?
Thanks - I assume I'll need to remove the rust first. From the image it looks like it comes with sanding paper, do you know if this is the case?
comment How to seal and paint a rough plaster and brick wall?
Thanks! Sounds straight forward enough. Not a crazy suggestion at all, but given the very colorful wall tiles, we're probably just going to go with all white.
comment How to remove old vinyl tiles?
Thanks Chris - we want to preserve the tiles underneath, so sledge hammer is not an option. Will try heated paint remover though.
comment What is the most durable way to paint a wood floor in a high traffic area?
I had not heard of epoxy paints before - they look like the best option for our situation; thanks!