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comment Would the “Nest” thermostat work outside US?
No worries. @ChrisF's answer is right for the vast majority of folks. I just popped this up here as a technically challenging alternative :-)
comment Installing a ceiling fan into a socket with 3 wires jammed into the socket
Does that screw in the middle go into a joist or ceiling member? If so, that might be sufficient for support.
comment Should I remove vinyl flooring before laying down hardwood?
And for bits that are stuck fast, a hairdryer loosens them that little bit.
comment Is it necessary to replace lead gas pipes?
The reason it is treated differently to lead water pipes is that gas pipes should not have water content, so lead will not be dissolved and enter drinking water etc.
comment How to deal with a dishwasher height issue without tearing out cabinetry when installing flooring?
Seen this work successfully in an old student flat I lived in. Two sections had the tongue removed so they could be pried up. They were tight enough they didn't move in normal usage.
comment Why is my washing machine so loud during the spin cycle?
Whether it is on wheels or pegs is not necessarily relevant (it could let it move side to side more than one on pegs) but it is important either way to get all 4 wheels on the ground otherwise it will rattle!
comment How can I fit a Schlage lockset in my front door?
The process is the same as for a wood door, you just need to use cutting tools appropriate for metal
comment How do you remove paint from hair?
I think @sharptooth may be right. I didn't let it sit for 12 hours - think it was around 2, and it came right out.
comment How can I light picture frames from the floor?
That example I posted fits in exactly the same socket as the track lights I have in my kitchen ceiling, so I'd say yes - some will be track compatible.
comment Will frequent sliding while wearing socks cause noticeable wear and tear on hardwood floors over time?
Tom Cruise and his imitators provide guidance in this area:…
comment How do I replace an axe handle?
The ones I got with my new handle were a combination of staple and wedge - sort of a wedge with a spike at each end.
comment How do I install a chain lock on a steel door?
Good point on the door type - you'll be screwed if you are trying to get through a bank vault style door:-)
comment What gauge speaker wire do I need?
Every house I buy, I end up running conduits and generally 2 ethernet cables as standard, with a string left in situ for whatever else I want to add. For some rooms I also add speaker cables, and/or telephone cables. I have no idea why builders don't put these in as standard - it has to be easier/cheaper at build time than as an afterthought.
comment Does anyone find any problems with this method of running speaker wire under the carpet?
's okay - I upvoted you again:-)
comment Does anyone find any problems with this method of running speaker wire under the carpet?
I would love to see the results of any study demonstrating degradation in signal quality over time through speaker cable. Over very long periods of time I could see this being possible, but really?
comment How to tell if your locks are bump proof?
From the outside, no. The few locks made specifically to be bump proof tend to have marketing stating that fact, so look for that sort of information (caveat - some advertised as bump proof, arent...)
comment Can a locksmith open a deadbolt lock?
In one of my previous roles I used to teach team members how to pick locks, and now it is legal in the UK to carry a set it is always useful in an emergency. Typically I could teach a novice in under an hour how to pick most locks. This includes locks with deadbolts. The upside (and the reason the police let us carry picks now) is that almost no criminals use them - they either use a handy half brick, or open doors which aren't locked. So you should feel safe about your lock, but just because statistically most people who break into houses will break something instead :-)