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comment What are typical power use, pressure, and volume for domestic dishwasher pumps
My application is such that I would start collecting them whenever I find an unwanted dishwasher. Turn it around: If you know one, give it's specs. If you know a general source for multiple ones give that. Right now I'm looking for typical values, not a specific model.
comment Can baseboards be used in one pipe steam heating system?
Compare the pressure of the new boiler to the old one, or the total BTU in. If the steam isn't generated in sufficient volume, it is condensing in nearby radiators before much steam is getting to the further ones. If you have throttling valves on the nearby ones, partially shut those.
comment Water under the vapour barrier in the attic
If you are finding moisture under the barrier, then your attic isn't properly insulated, and the vapour barrier was not carefully installed. Water vapour is getting into that space and is condensing at a cold spot. I have seen one house where the bath fan wasn't detailed properly, so it was pumping water vapour into the atttic space.
comment Water under the vapour barrier in the attic
Wrong. At least contrary to code here. From the bottom up, a typical ceiling roof here has Paint -> drywall -> vapour barrier -> Truss. Then between and above the bottom cord 12-18" of loose fill insulation. All joints in the plastic are taped, all intrusions airtight.