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I started my journey as an electrician in 1999. For ~3.5 years I primarily worked in light-industrial and commercial environments; typically on the service side but did some new construction too. After that I spent the next 3-4 years working in the energy sector performing large scale energy retrofits for large national companies most often as a site manager/lead; thanks to this job, it's now easier to give the states I haven't done electrical work in than those I have. After my stay at that company I moved entirely into new construction. There, I've worked and led jobs ranging from tenant parcels, small/large chain restaurants, hotels, high-rises, hospitals and schools. At the low-point in the "Great Recession", I began seeking my BS in Electrical Engineering. When I took my first logic/programming course I fell in love and switched my major to Software Engineering. The rest is history - as they say.

Author of:
Base Jumper. A simple Android app for jumping a binary, octal, decimal, or hexadecimal number to each of the other bases.

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