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comment Can an 18 inch duct be replaced by 4 smaller ducts?
Sounds like I would need 12 of those to provide that air flow! Crazy!
comment What windows should be used to soundproof from traffic noise?
Unfortunately it is not that manufacturer, and the manufacturer that they are using does not publish STC values. They stated it would be in the low 30's range. It makes me feel more uncomfortable that the manufacturer doesn't state these online. I am trying to work with my builder. If as you say, they provide 47-57 then I would be more than happy.
comment Wanting to make a frosted-glass dry erase whiteboard
Good call. Somebody wanted $1001 for this pre-assembled. I found the tempered glass, manufactured with holes for $140.
comment 'Painter' stained our expensive beams incorrectly. What are the options for fixing?
Thanks, yes they are coming out today to fix it. I just wanted to make sure they were going to fix it properly. They also suggested sanding them down.
comment How do I secure my house against intruders?
Yes, but a big sign saying 'this house protected by the NRA' sure does !
comment What projects should never be DIY?
@DA01: That is great about getting it inspected. Where I live, the work has to be done by a professional. What that means is I do the work myself and I never get it inspected. If I had the option do get it inspected I would. Stupid laws.
comment Are there any built in cabinet 'kits' available?
I haven't looked into it, as I assumed that all custom woodwork is super expensive. I might do as you say and at least get a quote first.
comment Are there any built in cabinet 'kits' available?
I've looked at what ikea has available, and although it can get me some of what I want, it is nowhere near what I had in mind. They are all preset dimensions, and there would be a gap between the fireplace or the walls, and it doesn't cover what to do with the angled ceiling :(
comment What could be wrong with gas fireplace that turns off when I turn it on?
It is a couple of seconds.
comment What could be wrong with gas fireplace that turns off when I turn it on?
This sounds to be the deal. As of today, the pilot light even fails to light. I have the gas company coming out tomorrow.
comment How do I fix a squeaky floor below my carpet?
Wish I could upvote you more than once. I haven't fixed my squeaky floors for fear that I would have to rip up the carpet! Now if only this worked for my squeaky hardwood floors.
comment What projects should never be DIY?
I guess everyone has their own opinion. I used to pay an electrician, but then I researched everything about it, starting from the main coming into the house, the circuit breaker, what all of the wires mean and how they are attached, the science behind it, the different wiring methods, how to read a wiring diagram, and finally picked up a copy of the national electrical code (NEC) and started small while checking myself and kept doing bigger projects. In my opinion I do not think it is worth paying for an electrician in my case, but I am far from certified.