A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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For questions generally relating to exterior spaces of property, including yard maintenance, pest and weed control, exterior home maintenance, etc. Questions which deal mainly with gardening and aesth…
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For questions regarding a central heating system for the home. The system consists of a furnace or boiler and a method to distribute the heat throughout the home.
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Attaching something to a wall. If you're using this tag, your question is probably a duplicate.
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Trim provides a transition between different surfaces and materials, covers gaps and adds a finished look. Trim includes molding (moulding), wainscoting, mantels, etc.
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furniture making, repair, and refinishing
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Drain waste vent system
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Grounding, also earthing, refers to the practice of providing a direct conductive path to the physical ground for an electric short to a chassis. Tag questions involving the installation or retrofitti…
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Vertical member in wall framing.
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Structure above the floor joists and below any finished flooring.
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Questions about residential swimming pools
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Questions about ways to measure and improve the ability to get useful work out of devices that consume energy. This includes coal, oil and gas as well as electricity.
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For questions generally relating to outdoor ground-level flooring areas such as patios.
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Preventing things from becoming damaged, broken or unusable.
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For questions generally relating to the prevention of transmission of sound from one enclosed area into another or between interior and exterior spaces.
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Horizontal support structures beneath the floor running between load bearing walls.
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For questions about conventional gas or electric ovens. For a microwave oven, use the microwave-oven tag.