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control a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, or other temperature reliant system.
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For questions specifically relating to plumbing fixtures that provide an endpoint for a home's water supply system. Topics include fixture design and specialization, installation, maintenance, repair …
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For questions generally relating to the internal structural members of a home or other structure that form walls, ceilings and roofs, including studs, plates, headers, beams, and joists.
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For questions generally relating to the exhaust ventilation of air from inside the home, and/or methods to promote proper airflow thorough various spaces in a structure.
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For questions relating to compliance with laws and ordinances of federal, state/province and local jurisdictions. Questions should also be tagged with the specific area of construction involved.
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For questions generally relating to preventing or avoiding injury in the home or on the job site.
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the space immediately below a house's roof.
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For questions generally relating to outdoor, semi-elevated, non-enclosed structures such as decks, gazebos, pergolas, etc.
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For questions generally relating to the proper insertion of a particular device or feature into a home, building or other structure. As this topic is very broad in general, when using this tag please …
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water receptacle and splash basin between a faucet and a drain
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For questions relating to powered consumer products that perform some value-added task within a home, including but not limited to hot water heaters, stoves/ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. For…
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Questions pertaining to clothes dryers
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For questions generally relating to devices or implements in which fuel is burned in a controlled manner for aesthetic reasons in addition to heat production.
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A contact device installed at the outlet for the connection of an attachment plug.
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Ground fault circuit interrupter, also referred to GFCI, GFI, or a residual-current device. This devices detects a leak in current, or an imbalance between the current on the hot and neutral wires. …
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For questions about washing machines.
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For questions generally relating to the supply and use of gaseous methane or propane fuels within or around a home.
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A tool used for creating holes in surfaces, such as for mounting objects on walls.
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For questions generally relating to the artificial stone-like building material typically called "brick", and also related materials like "cinder block" and natural stone blocks.
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For questions generally relating to the outer "skin" of a home or other building, and the materials, features and fixtures generally found and used to construct and maintain it.
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Preventing, identifying, or treating mold infestations in the home.
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used in a central heating system to heat water that is pumped through pipes to radiators within the home.
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