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Larger issue with foam products is that it's a huge fire hazard. Likely hollow wooden (thin plywood and wooden batten) construction. Masonite® (tempered hardboard) would be another suitable sheet material. Could be done in drywall if you were a masochist.


The simplest solution I can think of depends upon whether the upper hinge point is threaded or not. If it is threaded, then get a cheater bar, a piece of pipe big enough to fit around the end of the hinge, and give the hinge a twist until the gate no longer sags. If it is a pounded in hinge, get a big hammer. If that doesn't work, replace the upper hinge ...


The point of the dowelled/drawbored mortise-tenon joint is not to line up the to parts, but to create a tension that draws the tenon tightly into the mortise. Therefore, rather than drilling though the mortise and tenon together, the drilling process is divided into three steps: Drill trough the mortise alone. Insert the tenon, and use the drill to mark ...


I have been thinking about building a steam box. I figured I would pick up a couple stainless TIG welding electrodes at the local welding shop and bend them into a serpentine shape with about a half inch gap between them that would fit in the bottom of a 5 gallon paint bucket. Make some spacers out of plexiglass so the two electrodes are spaced away from ...


In my own opinion I don't think that the owner of this top has figured out how is he/she going to use this top. If he /she are going to use it as it was intended, as a butcher block top, then a poly coat would flake off in time. But a regular coating of mineral oil, not vegetable oil, would be suffice. Vegetable oil would turn rancid.

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