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I would just glue them and leave some very heavy weights (evenly dispersed) on them for a couple days. If the glue fails at some point, you can always reattach. If the glue is working then screws are useless and aren't adding anything.


I'd think using the bolt designed for exactly this job would be the way to fix this, rather than following a poor design choice by whoever built the bed. Bed Bolts are machine bolts (metal to metal threads) that mate with a cylindrical "nut" that goes into a drilled cross hole in the side rail. The bedframe to rail job is what they were designed to do ...


It sounds like the wood surrounding the screw has been stripped out. The best way to fix this is as follows: Measure the location of the existing hole centers from fixed reference points, like the distance from the base of the leg and the distance in from the side. Drill out the holes to a common dowel size that's larger than the screw diameter. Tap in a ...


Are you talking about something like this? If you have access to a miter saw or table saw, it should be fairly easy to make the compound cuts for the guide block. Then keep the shaft of the bit against the corner while you're drilling. You could even use this rudimentary jig to create another hardwood jig with an actual hole in it that can be clamped to ...

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