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I think the cabinet would make a great built-in bookcase without any real modifications. Just remove the glass doors if you want unhindered access or visibility to your books. Since books are heavy, though, if you intend to fill the shelves with books, you might want to replace the glass shelves with ¾"-thick plywood shelves.


The back of the cabinet plays a large role keeping the unit square. My suggestion is to forget about trying to re-work that cabinet. There a bunch of concerns: Cutting off the back 4 to 5 inches would remove the rear shelf support brackets. The internal shelves are glass and would need to be cut or replaced with other materials. There would still need to ...


Interesting design. A google search on the image leads to The Four Leaf Clover Coffee Table which includes the image It looks like the "X"s use half-lap joints, then maybe matching slots in each X.

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