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Unfortunately, the Aquastat you're using does not expose a C terminal. The transformer is likely soldered directly to the board; so unless you're good with a solder gun, you're going to have to buy a different thermostat. The red wire attached to the T terminal, should be connected to the R terminal of the thermostat. The white wire attached to the T ...


If those red and white wires are wired correctly, the +24v 'R' terminal should be the red wire in the upper right, that is under the 'T' screw. Do NOT mess with either of the (12g) wires in the upper left, under the L1 and L2 terminals. Shut the power off to the unit before you go poking around in there. The C terminal you're after does not seem to be user ...


Preferred solution in that case is to attach the safety-ground wire to the box with a screw (if the box is metal), or wrap it around one of the fixture's mounting screws. As long as it makes a circuit to the box and the body of the fixture, it's doing it's job. (Of course if the fixture is non-conductive, it doesn't need grounding.)

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