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Here is an excerpt from the code: 430.51 General. Part IV specifies devices intended to protect the motor branch-circuit conductors, the motor control apparatus, and the motors against overcurrent due to short circuits or ground faults. These rules add to or amend the provisions of Article 240. The devices specified in Part IV do not include the types of ...


the motor overload is based on the FLA of the motor 115% and this protects the motor, in the US we normaly use class 10 overloads this measn the motor can draw 115% of the full load value on the motor nameplate for 10 seconds before it will trip out. 430.32 the conductor size is 125% these are minimum values the OCPD can be increased if needed for starting ...


You probably should decide where you're going to locate your amp first, since you'll probably want to run "home-runs" - a cable from each speaker to the amp. Most home audio systems will not work with "daisy chain" wiring, where you run cables from the amp, to the nearest speaker, then a wire from that speaker toto the next speaker, and so on.


The best thing to do is set yourself about 2 hours of free time, turn off the power to any wire near that box (use one of those electric sensors), make sure you have a flash light, around. First, pull as much of the wires free as you can, restrip everything and get new caps and tape everything new. If you think or even suspect another shitty splice is ...

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