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I know that this is an old post - but I have been working a similar issue using my 3 pin older 10-30R dryer outlet for my electric 240Volt Car (Chevy Volt) charger. The only difference between the new standard (1996 to present) receptacle which is a 14-30R - 4 wire 30amp/240 volt and the 10-30R - 3 wire 30amp/240 volt receptacle is the missing ground pin. ...


It sounds like whoever installed it, used the neutral as a hot and the ground as a neutral. Likely they wanted to control the fan and light separately, but only had two conductor cable between the switch and fixture. If you're installing a remote, you'll only need the two conductors. Without seeing what you have, this is what you might have to do. ...


You can connect the C wire to any of the blue wires highlighted below, as they are all connected.

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