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No, in a situation like this absolutely not. The breaker in this case would need to be 15A. Question is, WHY? Why use #14 wire when the circuit is already #12? Stick with what is there and keep the breaker 20A. In some cases, such as in a kitchen, laundry or bath, you'd be creating a violation doing it like you show in that diagram. And don't be confused ...


I can't speak to the laptop cords, but your lamp cords are guaranteed replaceable even if they turn out not to be repairable. If the chewing happened down near the plug your job is super easy. The wikipedia electrical wiring article includes a lot of terminology that you might find helpful. Can you cut out a length of wire and re-attach the plug assembly? ...


For repairing lamp/laptop/zip style cords, you have this option: Separate the two wires and cut the bad spots out. Slip small shrink tube over each wire. Slip larger shrink tube over both wires. Solder the wires together. Shrink the small tube first, then the large tube. Use this method if the cord would be too short if you just replaced the plug end.


The wire labeled BL in both images, should be the C wire. W and BR activate the heat relay. G activates the blower time delay relay. PK takes 24v to the thermostat. If you're looking for the C wire, because you want to install a fancy new WiFi thermostat. Make sure the transformer can support the additional load, before you connect the thermostat. It ...

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