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You should be able squeeze one of the connection heads and pull them apart. Some light kit also have a little tab on the side of the connector that have to be push in or pulled apart to release them.


Some ballast are made to run 1 or 2 lamps, and the yellow wire are not used and wire nutted off separately. If you every have extra wire and do not know what to do with them wire nut them off. If the light fixture work after your done good, but if it does not work you may have at lest saved the ballast to try again.


Your photo shows a heat pump thermostat with control for 1 stage of auxiliary heat which is also used as emergency heat if the heat pump completely fails and emergency mode is selected on the thermostat (that's why W and E are wired together). From your description you have a heat pump which may not have any working auxiliary heat and your orange wire ...


According to bib you can use those yellow things, no idea what they are. If you can get the "Steel Framing Alliance" to wire your house for you, no doubt you will find out. What the (hack) electricians who use Romex actually do in reality is usually not to secure it to anything. If they think they might get inspected by a non-bribed inspector, then what ...


Cables do need to be secured, but as you surmise, stapes and other nailed retainers wont work. There is a discussion of how to attach cables to steel studs in a brochure put out by the Steel Framing Alliance. Included in that broader pamphlet is this advice: NM wire is not stapled to a CFS stud because the staples will not penetrate the steel. Instead, ...

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