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I doubt the snow is so compacted that you cannot open the door at all. You don't have a huge ice-cube out of your door. So, just open the door as much as you can and dig your path clean.


I have a glass storm door. The glass insert has screws on the inside. I'm going to take out the screws, remove the insert and hopefully get outside .


Unhinge the door from hinges. In case of emergency break door with axe.


In most cases, snow is not a solid substance. It is powder so it has a bit of movement. What you have to do it push the door a little bit open, and close it repeatably. From this you will hopefully be able to get your hand out the door to clear more snow. From that you can then open it even more. Repeat this process until you can fit a shovel out to ...


Here are some options: Use another door Go out a window so you can dig out the door Call someone who can come over and dig you out Hole up and wait for the snow to melt.


Go out a door that's not blocked and walk to the blocked one to clear the snow. If all your doors are blocked go out a window and do the same. If it's a screen door, remove the screen and reach through the opening to move the snow. You can use a broom or even a pot or baking pan if your don't have a shovel within reach.


Fill up a cup with hot tap water and dunk the lock into it for a few seconds. That's how I've always managed to open it with ease :)

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