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There are a lot of options you could consider depending on your budget and opinion on "cheap". There are acoustic dampening windows you could look into if you have a higher budget and don't mind replacing your window. If you're sure that the main source of noise penetration is through the window, which is to be expected, then this might be the best / most ...


There are many films available to obscure glass -- frosted, patterned, etc. They are self adhering and can be fairly easily removed. They come in a variety of sizes and can be cut to size. Look for them in big box stores or window treatment stores. Images and links are examples only, not an endorsement of goods or sources


Gutters would help a lot. I thought I saw water on the inside on the video. At the bottom of the window there should be 2 or more small weep slots / holes these allow the water that gets in the tray to drain out. I believe these are full of debris and probably plugged. If you open the window look outside at the bottom of the frame you should spot the weep ...

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