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I'm assuming it's a wood door with rectangular frame and panel construction. Often in cheaper doors, the wood panels are simply held in by trim on one (or both) side(s) - usually the interior side. If that's the case, you can simply (carefully) pry the trim out, remove the panel, and insert glass in it's place. You'd then want to seal the exterior side with ...


A stepper motor driver (shield, I suppose, in Arduino speak) a couple of stepper motors (if you want both functions) and a modest amount of creativity should do it. The open/close motor could be fitted with a section of rubber hose to slip onto the handle - the up/down one would need a pulley or spool (as for sewing thread) to roll the cord up.


Silicone should NEVER be used on painted trim. The separation that I see here can either be seasonal movement, as in the trim was installed in the summer and now it is winter where the moisture content of the wood is much less, therefore making it shrink. It also could have been installed with too high of a moisture content to begin with and the loss of ...

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