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Its also possible for the well wall to collapse in on itself now that the water isn't there to create pressure and hold the hole walls back. If this has happened you're in big trouble. Start counting your pennies because you're going to need a new well!!


Allowing for the possibility that it could be otherwise as diagnosis via internet is imperfect.... I see both a pump problem and a check valve problem here. While they may be located in the same place (if your only check valve is on the pump - which is the way mine is set up) they are not the same thing...though I also see another possibility that would do ...


At 115 feet static and 250 bottom your (sensible) options are submersible, submersible, or submersible. Which is really "new-fangled 2-wire submersible" (my choice, matter of opinion) or "old-fangled 3 wire submersible" (avoid like plague, matter of opinion) or fancy-schmancy constant-pressure inverter-drive submersible (too expensive for me.) Since you ...

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