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I have a FLIR camera. It's awesome, but it's expensive and not necessarily the best tool for detecting air leaks. An IR camera is too slow; you won't use it unless you have more dedication than most. What you want is a fog machine. Turn it on inside the house, close all the windows but one, and put a box fan in that window blowing air into the house. This ...


A FLIR (infrared) or thermal imager is still the best way; you can rent them pretty easy and cheap, even at Home Depot http://www.flir.com/homedepot/


A thermal imaging gun will show you all the hot and cold spots inside your house, but they are very expensive. What I did was I purchased a infrared thermometer gun at my local harbor freight. It cost about $15.00 Then I went around took all the temperatures throughout the house. I found in my basement the rim joists were not insulated, I also found my ...

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