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This is a tough one. Very odd to have that "cube" adjacent to the tub with a cabinet so close. The cabinet should have been pushed up against the tub and the cube/cabinet gap bridged, waterproofed, and tiled, so there would be no gap. If the problem were just aesthetic I would say use some porcelain repair, it comes in a bottle with a paintbrush type ...


You will only need the backer board for your entry way. No other waterproofing needed. If it was your bathroom at the shower entrance, it would be a good idea, but since it will only be an occasional wetting from tracking in water or snow, and porcelain tile is impervious, it will handle it very well. You should seal your grout joints too, so the color ...


Most molds are harmless, or are at most an allergen. There are a fairly small number which are toxic to one degree or another. So a lot of the fear you see is overreaction, or is folks with serious allergies. If you aren't allergic, and don't have reason to suspect that this is one of the nasty ones, it's mostly an eyesore. The real problem is that, once ...


If you have a culvert rather than sewers, see if you can install a larger culvert pipe. I am going through the same thing. My city will install the pipe and trench the culvert. I am responsible for buying the pipe and finishing my driveway after installation. The pipe is 15" diameter and 20' long. It cost me $260.

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