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You can put a vapor/moisture barrier up over rigid foam. A lot of new construction in the far north has this as a default. The idea is that you frame right outside of that. In that framing you are allotting a cavity to which moisture can move and evaporate. Now if you are putting rockwool or other types of insulation in your framing then no you do not ...


It's a huge topic, and not something you can really cover in a single post. Things change based upon the size of the room, the use of the room, the support underneath the floor, the kind of subfloor, the kind of tile, adjacent flooring types, etc. I like the books that Taunton puts out (Tiling complete or working with tile).


Disclaimer: I am not an expert. I have worked on about a half dozen seperate tile floors, though! These instructions are not meant for a shower wall or floor, just every day use floors like bathroom, kitchen, mudroom, etc. You should also have a decent bit of knowledge on how to use all the tools safely, and a lot of patience/time. This is not as simple as ...

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