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Buildings (or buying) a house on a location with a lot of water is never best thing to do, but people do it and if they do it properly they never have problems. The most important question is regarding house design; are foundations and concrete slabs appropriate for this situation. Main difference is that with underground water strongest force on the slabs ...


You didn't indicate your location or site characteristics (slope, hillside, etc), but the location of the country, even generally could be helpful, but not required. You indicated the water bill was not high so it could not be a water leak. That would only be if the leak was after the meter. However, the leak could be before the meter and impossible to ...


You may want to take a look at your roof vents (stacks). There's a plastic boot around the vent that cracks over time. Rain water can leak through & travel down the pipe to the slab. If this seems likely, there's something called a Perma-boot (Home Depot, Lowes, etc.) that you can install yourself. It fits over the existing roof vent boot. Good luck!


Doing that will be virtually useless. It may help when there is very very light water pressure for a little bit. However note that by stopping the water from coming in temporarily that it will work harder on the cracked area. Which means that the crack will grow larger faster and soon leak again. You need to fill the crack with some type of concrete ...


If the crack is visible from inside, you could use an expanding polyurethane foam kit. I've used one from RadonSeal in the past (http://www.radonseal.com/crack-injection/diy-injection.htm) and had great results. You can also inject the crack from outside if that's easier. I'd also check grading (is soil sloped away from the house?) and drainage (no close ...


A French Drain will not be that helpful for your situation for a couple of reasons. French drains allow water to stay in a "hole" until it can percolate back into the soil. There is a crack in your wall. Even if you fix this the soil will be very wet near the drain for more time than normal. As your French Drain seeps water back into the soil the ...


Metal and/or fully adhered rubber flashing and drip edge on top of door trim placed under siding. Oil based finish to door and frame. Seal bottom and side edges of door with oil based finish.

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