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There is no way to waterproof your roof without removing the deck. And if you remove the deck to waterproof the roof, re-attaching the deck in the same manner would create new holes where you drive the new fasteners, or puncture the waterproofing if you drive them through the same holes. This building assembly is fundamentally, fatally flawed and cannot be ...


To prevent basement mold you should minimize moisture. Must hire a professional mold service to remove mold growing in the basement, especially if the mold growth is large.


The grating seems like the best solution. Not only will it increase the surface area of the drain, but also aids in cleaning the steps/landing because it can be picked up in one piece, taken to the top of the steps, and shaken off. However metal grating can be expensive, hard to work with, find in the correct size/hole size, and most importantly, will rust ...

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