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Conductivity meters may be found online for about $12 American. They'll give you a direct reading in PPM. Some hardware stores carry the things too, but they'll ask $30 plus for them. I tested my cheap one against known standards, and it works just fine.


Home improvement stores typically carry test kits. I've found them right by water filters and water softeners. They usually are small paper strips that change color based on levels of hardness. The kit will also come with a legend to allow you to compare the strips to.


If your adding after house was built, garage is probably going to be your best option. You don't have to worry as much about the unit freezing there, your hot water heater is likely there and thus your main water line into the house and drain to sewer or septic


There are three basic non-snake oil devices that one might use: sediment filter, RO filter, and water softener. A sediment filter doesn't remove dissolved solids. An RO filter is not suitable for high volume uses like bathing, dish-washing and clothes washing. A good water softener is the right product for your needs. But you might add an RO filter in ...

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