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To borrow what User58220 said, I think part of your problem here is that you have the wrong pump for your application. This pump is designed to boost the incoming water pressure from a municipal water service. It requires a minimum of 10 psi to function correctly. The rule of thumb is 1 psi for every 2 feet of elevation, so you will need to elevate your tank ...


Sounds like a partial clog/blockage of a pipe. It is most likely in one of the fitting that was added. Is shutoff valves all open completely? Is that pex piping? Is it kinked somewhere? Does the water pressure drop when using cold water? If you paid someone to add the tank tell them to fix it. They screwed up somewhere.


Because the output of your 3000 gallon tank is gravity fed. Get a Grundfos MQ pressure boosting pump. No external pressure tank, switch etc needed. It's built to turn on as soon as you open your faucet. We are using one in a similar situation and are very happy with it. http://us.grundfos.com/products/find-product/mq.html


That sounds like an overly complicated setup with far more pumps than it should need. Or else you said pump when you meant tank in two places, actually, re-reading it. In short, you can have as many pressure tanks as you like. Locating them closer to the point of use (the house) would be helpful, to a limited extent. That limited extent is the "effective ...

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