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Pressure at the tap -- if pressure isn't being supplied by a pump, which I assume it isn't in this case -- depends on the height of the column of water. The rain barrels in my back yard are elevated 4 feet above ground level to increase the available pressure, and it's still much, much less than what I get out of the municipal water supply. I can run drip ...


You should disassemble the kitchen faucet and inspect the temp/flow control valve assembly for debris/obstructions. It is common for debris to get knocked loose and flow downstream, causing problems like this. Your manipulation of the pressure regulator could have done it. Another consideration: those bathroom faucets appear to be older and may not be of ...


The immediate non-flush nature of your problem, as depicted in the video, indicates (to me, anyway) a very local obstruction, as in the toilet trap itself. You need to run a toilet auger (see pic) down through the toilet trap and/or pull the toilet to see if there is an obstruction immediately below. This could be anything from packed paper to packed solid ...


I believe you will find almost all shower heads have flow restrictiors in them to save water. In the past I have removed these or modified them to provide the flow I wanted.

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