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Alternative method...you already have some sort of a water-level switch that enables the pump. Why not add a relay to that which adds some additional logic to the city-water valve? Just set it up such that the city-water valve is controlled by both the timer and the tank-water level.


This would be called a shuttle valve... They are quite common in hydraulic control systems. The only use I can find for irrigation is small 1/8" and 1/4" units for agricultural irrigation controls. Usual implementation is a stainless steel ball that rolls back and forth between two brass seats.


I'm in New Zealand- here, usually the main is the only valve between any outlet and the distribution network / mains. Unless there was some other valve as well, if you turned off the main valve and flow stopped, then the main valve is 99%+* liable to be the problem. However - is there any chance that the shutoff valves under your sink also serve the rest ...


I would count on main valve - it cound just broke. I had similiar situation last year, but in my case it was that i couldn't close the main valve. If every output - even the ones that You didn't touch - gives same response (little or no pressure), it is highly probable that main valve broke down. I would suggest calling city plumbers (as this is main ...

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