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I'm not sure of the best way, but you may able to blow some of the material out of your system using an air compressor. I got the idea from watching a house get winterized. The plumber shut off all of the water to the house and opened up every single tap and let all the water come out. He also attached a hose to the hot water tank and drained that out. ...


Nobody knows how to clean PEX tubing, because it's a plastic pipe. On your side I will think about repiping all your the clogged lines. PEX tubing prices have become close to nothing.


You will need 3/4 as a supply for the 3/4 at the shower to do any good. If you are talking pex, then the 3/4 would be mandatory because inner diameter of pex is smaller than copper. I'm guessing you have 1/2 copper as your main?

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