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There is a restriction, somewhere. You could use your gauge to verify that the pressure (while you are flowing from faucets) at the water heater is good (you've only done so qualitatively so far, and you have means to test it quantitatively, so....) But basically somewhere in the line is something that is restricting water flow - perhaps a clogged or ...


Are you sure its a scale build-up. Just a few things to note. Here is just a shortlist of things to try first: Make sure that your water meter is not the cause. there is a filter in most meters, and it is prone to build up with gravel and small stones, The filter is on the meter on the inlet pipe side, but you may need the munic to do it for you. One ...


I would guess that if you trace the piping backwards from the shower to the water source you’re going to find a multitude of fittings or one section where the pipe diameter is reduced too much.


I was able to fix the low water pressure issue by slightly opening the valve stops. I was able to fix the vibration issue by finding a procedure online to empty my water lines.

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