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Go from a 1-1/2" line right off of the water heater, down to 3/8" if need be to your appliances.


"Let some pressure escape" would be happening every time you open a tap downstream of your pressure limiting device (regulator), if there is one on the system. That pressure reading (which is quite high, by the way) means one of the following: your pressure limiting device (regulator) has failed and your mains pressure is currently quite high the pressure ...


If the repair "band" are the same as wormdriven hose clamps than you can tighten them until repair doesn't leak. From your description of the irrigation line I see it as that black, 1/2 inch pipe that uses compression fittings and 1/4 inch barbed tubing?


The most likely scenario is that the work on the system disturbed sediment/debris that migrated to your home water piping, plugging up your faucet aerators. Rather than the "quarter turn" you describe (which would accomplish nothing) it is probable that the aerators were removed, flushed, and reinstalled to restore flow. You should remain diligent, it is ...


Without knowing anything about the plumbing, and simply going by the fact that you said the bathroom was an add on. I'd have to guess that there are low flow fixtures installed, which are restricting the flow.

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