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I ended up getting a Rheem XG40T12DM40UO instead. According to my Kill-A-Watt it uses the following amounts of power, depending on the state of the water heater: Standby, Idle: <= 1 Watt Damper active open/close: ~4 Watts (lasts about 10 seconds or so) Active burn: ~4 Watts



I agree it's a little unclear what the right way is. Why don't you try a test. One evening push all the pins one way, run the hot water for a bit to flush some water, then leave it overnight. In the morning if you still have hot water then the heater was on overnight. If you aren't confidant, repeat the same the next night with the pins the other way.


Municipal Water systems require a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV). It is not recommended to have the house psi above 90. 70 is the norm in most municipal systems. An expansion tank is needed if there is a check valve installed on the in line. If there is a water meter, there is an excellent chance of one being installed. Many water utilities mandate check ...

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