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Heavy rains in future will pose a damp wall problem with fungus over the years. Get it fixed promptly. Subfloor adhesive will bond and seal well with overlap and is cheap in large tubes. You can always demand compensation before you do it, but don't expect much.


If as @gbronner mentioned its just the surface layer, that's pretty easy to fix: Scrape it clean, sand a bit, remove the dust, then apply poly. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this in the middle of a living room floor, but in a laundry room, I at least am less concerned about the appearance of the floor. But if those boards are soft in the middle, they ...


Without photos, it's pretty difficult to answer your questions completely, but... the black stain can usually be removed with oxalic acid ("wood bleach"). As to the bowing along the seam... very often that sort of thing will return to more-or-less its original shape if allowed to dry really thoroughly. I'd leave that one alone until the Witching Hour. The ...

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