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Bending cheap vinyl tile 90 deg to fit the join between the bath panel and the floor will result in cracks and leaks, and your wooden floor will be wet again. Lay the vinyl tile on the floor up to the bath panel just as if you thought that brown plastic was tres chic. Use recommended adhesive and seal all the joints, tile to tile and tile to plastic. Then, ...


You can glue water you want to the side of your bathroom. Will it hurt anything? No. Will it look good? Highly debatable.


90% of any job is proper preparation. Sounds to me like you have a really poor base to start with. You cannot simply cover it up and hope for a good outcome. Although it will be a lot of work. I think you should take the time and expend the effort to strip this down to the sub-flooring or maybe even the floor joists and install the flooring properly. If ...


I will do you one more to add to your answer. Taking a permanent solution like grout and putting something like vinyl next to it just seems like a terrible idea. First the vinyl is much more apt to get damaged or move than tile (think moving an appliance across this floor - the vinyl will move if the corner of a fridge pushes on it). So at that point why ...

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