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I recently installed a vent fan in a bathroom that my kids use. I hooked it up to the electrical line used for the lights in the bathroom so that the fan would go on when someone turned on the lights. I was able to cut out a 4" hole in the roof right above the bathroom for the vent hose and installed a vent cap on the roof. It is best to vent to a location ...


If you live in an area covered by International Residential Code; or similar building codes, it's required that the fan exhaust to the outdoors. See this answer, for exact code verbiage.


IMO, and IME, bathroom fans should always be vented outside. Bathrooms are one of the biggest (if not the biggest) producer or water vapor in your home. When water vapor is trapped is can cause things like mold, mildew, damage to furniture, added difficulty in conditioning the air, and many more. Just because a bathroom vent is not currently vented to the ...

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