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It means sapwood (lighter colored) is permitted in the grading of the board,so it's not guaranteed to be a full-face of "black" walnut (which is the most common walnut to run into that terminology for.) If the's been steamed, the color may not be all that noticeable, since that migrates color into the sapwood from the heartwood - for air dried there is a ...


I have never seen subfloor that narrow, or run that close together in an old house. It has always been 1X6 or 1X8 with a 1/2" to 3/4" gap between boards. In some cases it has been 1X6 T&G loosely laid together. Also in many cases laid diagonally. In my opinion, this was intended to be the finish floor that shrank excessively and perhaps face nailed at ...


the gaps between boards are too big. It was not meant to be the finished floor. looks like pine, fir or something similar.


That appears to be a subfloor (softwood, plain edges, face-nailed.) It's a good place to put a finish floor (hardwood, parquet, etc) and not a very good finish floor itself, no matter what you coat it with. Softwood finish-floors are not unheard of, but that isn't one, IMHO.

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