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Most blue tarps are usually some kind of coated fiber construction and first, I would question how vapor impermeable it really is, and second I think it would not be nearly as resilient and repairable as poly. Once the tarp material starts to break down and/or tear, it seems to be impossible to repair in my experience. Admittedly, that has always been in ...


I love how people take this vapor barrier stuff to the edge of infinity. I remember when I took my contractor license test... 18 inch overlap doesn't even require sealing with tape. If your concrete, or subfloor, or really any space is putting out enough moisture vapor to get past a simple overlap of poly then you have a much more serious problem than ...


I had a client's weekend home completely freeze with pex lines we installed. Nothing broke. Unfaced batt insulation is the fastest, cheapest stuff. Use Ecobatt if you can find it, you can sleep in that stuff, no itching or irritation.

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