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I'd use unfaced fiberglass, at least if each wall cavity has a place above the shower where the wall can breathe. Fiberglass is very permeable to air, which is why it only works well in still air.


If you need help with gardening-related tasks, you probably want to ask on Gardening & Landscaping Stack Exchange. The answer to your question is to not build a dam, but instead prevent this scenario from occurring. Probably the biggest issue I can think of with a dam is water on the wrong side of it - you've essentially built a mini-pool against your ...


I really recommend Hardie boards vs. other good competitors. They are oblivious to water - don't hold it and break down. If money is no object, nothing outperforms sprayfoam. If you want something that works well but cheaper - Roxul. I have not used a vapor barrier on any of my HB/redguard installs unless inspector needs to see it then I stick fork holes ...

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