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Air sealing is more important than vapor sealing. All assemblies (wall and ceiling) need to be able to dry out. If you prevent air passage AND provide sufficient insulation to prevent condensation, you don't need or want an impervious layer. Cables,plumbing vents, ducts and lighting fixtures are notorious sources for air leaks. These can be stopped ...


Most of the time in a house in Canada you would have 6-10mil plastic over the drywall in the ceiling. However the answer isn't that easy and the vapor barrier isn't needed for sure. It also depends on the type of insulation that you have (faced or not), what other types of barriers are installed in your attic, and really what is on the rest of your ...


Possibly dig (or have someone else, with equipment, dig) around the outside and put in a curtain drain to lower the water table in the immediate vicinity of the garage. Or lay a barrier on the surface and add a 2 inch (or so) topcoat over it.

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