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This is, without a doubt, a Moen brand valve. There are numerous trim options available in many finishes. You need to go to a good specialty plumbing shop, they will have some Moen trim items in stock and should be able to order many more items. Bring your pictures and all old trim with you.


this looks like an older style moen 2520 core and valve body. however, the screw pattern (for the escutcheon) looks odd and may be of an older or different trim style. however, the valve core should be identical and should just swap out.


"1/4 turn ball valves have plastic seals at each side of the ball with a hole in it. Many times the valve can be tightened (not the stem) but the end that threads into the body to tighten them up and stop the leak. Not all are built this way but most metal ones are. when you removed the fitting it may have loosened causing the leak." I agreed with this. ...


Get a pipe cap. This is normal with shut-off valves that are not exercised for many years. You only really need it to slow down flow enough to change and tighten the connecting piping. Sometimes that's all you can hope for. That said, we've been on a campaign to replace every one in the facility, but it's almost futile - we'll have the same problem again ...

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