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Without seeing the actual valve type and piping arrangement it will be very difficult for anyone to tell you what you are in for. One thing I know for sure: step #1 is digging it up! Once it is exposed you (and our on-line community) will have a much better idea of needed repair work, if you add pictures to your post. Questions: 1) Is it a continual leak ...


You should stop using your pliers to try and remove it as it looks like you've made things worse with that approach. Get a deep socket in precisely the correct size for this nut. If that doesn't fit anymore you may want to try some seriously tight vise-grips.


You should contact your local government, as codes and laws vary from place to place. The Uniform Plumbing Code, says that there should be valves for every fixture in the unit. Uniform Plumbing Code 2012 Chapter 6 Water Supply and Distribution Section 606 Valves 606.3 In multidwelling units, one or more shutoff valves shall be provided in ...

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