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If a valve has directionality, it will almost universally be cast as an arrow in of the body, as seen in this globe (aka stop) valve: I've never seen a ball valve that is directional. If you look inside, you'll see the guts of it are symmetrical. I would say the general rules of thumb for this are: If you can even change the handle direction, be ...


Without hunting through all the spec sheets to find your particular valve or at least one that looks just like it (not having a number) I note that none of the spec sheets I did examine at Apollo valve for brass/bronze ball valves indicated any directionality (and in fact, you can usually put the handle on the opposite way if it's more convenient. Perhaps ...


I bought a new valve and replaced it. All works fine now.


I have to wonder if your next problem will be that the valves are too far back in the wall to install the handles when the shower walls are installed. My experience with shower valves (not, I admit, a huge number of them) is that they normally don't sit all the way back in a 2x4 wall cavity when at the correct depth, so there's normally room for a 3/4" board ...

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