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Looks like it says "BRASS" on it, I'd guess American Brass. Identify your stem, here. It may not leak anymore if you have tightened it, but now you need to loosen it a little to let it operate. I appreciate your need to be gentile, but I'd swap the entire valve out. One thing though, is that nipple NPT? It kinda looks like machine thread. Safest way to ...


I'm not a plumbing expert, but I installed a new cartridge in my shower and had this problem. I think a new cartridge was installed in your absence for some reason, and installed incorrectly. Should be an easy fix, shut off house water, take it out and rotate it 180° reinstall, turn water on, should work fine.


I use a multi-port automatic sprinkler valve coupled to an 8-way drip irrigation manifold, and use city water pressure.


If you loosen the screw that holds the handle to the top of the actuator, you can push down on the screw and it will (should) disengage the gear drive in the actuator. That will allow you to move the valve. If the actuator is actually bad, any actuator made for operating Jandy valves can be used... You may have a power issue as well, no power and the valve ...


Fluid flow across a valve wears away (erodes) valve components. The closure components (the valve seat and disc) are components of concern because the ability to effect tight closure is affected by that erosion. Globe valves are designed for regulating flow, the fluid travel path is designed to cause even wear to the closure components when the valve is open ...

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