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Almost certainly a drum trap - so while cleaning it out might be good, removing it is generally a bad idea unless you are replacing it with another type of trap. Which you may well need to do, as they do rot out eventually, I'm just trying to head off at the pass the idea that it would be OK to remove it without putting a different trap there - is it ...


One disadvantage of direct to stud stalls is the lip at the outer edge over which the drywall will be applied - this causes a hump in the drywall surface. I usually fir out the studs with drywall shims so that the drywall lays flat onto the fiberglass or acrylic lip. I would recommend using water resistant drywall for all the areas around the shower.


I use green board for this with redgard over in some cases (cheaper systems that don't overlap well). My take on it is if there is a water issue. I would rather the water be trapped in drywall and mold vs. drip down into stud bay and rot the wall or what is underneath it. Taking out plastic sheets to repair a wall and adding more drywall is easy. The ...

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