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I would suspect the lines were buried without benefit of conduit, or, water may have seeped into the conduit. In both cases, water will cause the insulation to fail, and the copper wil be eroded away. Get an electrician to check for voltage at the feed point, and again at the breaker box. If the bus feeding one side of the breakers is not fed, you get no ...


To determine if there is a break. Turn off the breaker in the main panel. Remove the conductors from the breaker, and connect them with each other. In the barn panel, disconnect the ungrounded feeder conductors. Test for continuity between the ungrounded conductors in the barn. If the test shows open (no continuity), then there's a break in one of the ...


After sealing the leak with some silicone adhesive-sealant, I refilled the tub and ran the pump. I noticed that there is no leak until I run the pump, and it gets noticeably worse when I turn on the jets. I believe that the leak is coming from one of the jet fittings (probably a worn-out gasket). Since there is no leak when the water is just sitting in ...


I'm a bit confused how did you get to the conclusion that crack could appear after a bubble? I’m not saying you are wrong but not sure how you have concluded this. Anyway unless there are some other cracks this is 99% sure the reason why your tub is leaking. And if there is some more cracks or problems this is one of them for sure.

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