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If you're saying that the breaker pops when the switch it turned to the 'on' position and nothing is in the socket, it is possible if you had the 'hot' on one connection and 'neutral' on the second connection of a single pole switch, that every time you turn the switch on, you're effectively touching hot to neutral, causing the breaker to trip. If this is a ...


My best guess (not knowing the model of refrigerator) is a faulty door timer or over-temperature sensor. A beep sounds on various models to remind you that you've left the door open too long.


I have a Black&Decker BD66 router which I have only just tried to use because it was bought for me 20 years ago after I had finished a project using hand tools that would have been a very quick job if I'd had a router at the time. I found that the plunge depth slipped when trying to depth-clamp using the round screw-in clamping handles. The problem ...

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