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The cooling test sequence for this board, says to jumper Y & G to R. Make sure the fan comes on, and spins up to the proper speed. Then remove the jumpers, and check the fan off delay. If the blower does not come on, verify that the COOL terminal is energized. Use a voltmeter between COOL and neutral, and verify 120 volts (with jumpers in place). If ...


I replaced mine with a 50 cent doorbell button. Works fine; no more fist slamming.


My first instinct is that it might be an ice maker in the fridge (have you tried making sure that you can get clean, fresh ice if you have one?). From what I can hear, it does not sound like a specific "beep" one might hear from an electronic device. Those generally have a clear, monotone which is often hard to mistake. Instead this sounds like something ...


The first two, hot to ground and hot to neutral are normal and what you'd expect. Voltage showing on from the hot to hot leg may not be a sign of any problem -- Voltmeters have a very high impedance, so any load at all on the other circuit can provide a path to neutral that will appear as 120V to the meter. This could be a lamp, a "smart switch" or outlet, ...

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