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Purchase a 1" thick by 3 1/2" wide PVC trim to go around the 3 sides of the door. Ripping to width were it fit to a proper set back from the edge of the jamb in all areas below the masonry cap of the walls. In essence, trimming in out in a typical fashion the way interior doors are trimmed. A thinner trim would work but the thicker trim allows the back side ...


Long (3") screws (3 or 4) through the jamb into the framing of the house should do it. Be careful not to drive them too tight; otherwise you'll warp the jamb and the door will fit loosely. In a perfect world, you'd predrill the jamb with a drill bit big enough that the screw goes through it readily (but not too loose). If you have the same problem on the ...


Most silicone caulk manufacturers make caulks in a handful of tan colors: If none of those colors match well enough, you could try looking for some wood putty. Some putty dries hard; some doesn't. Here's one possibility.

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