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Yes there should be flashing but that isn't the main issue. This is the architect's problem. The top of your molding is flat. Where do you think water will go on a flat surface? It will sit on it. It will then seep into the wood and to the wood underneath it, slowly water logging and rotting all of it. If someone showed me your new molding I would ...


In that third photo, it doesn't look like there's any flashing at all! Whenever there's an opening in an exterior wall, there should be flashing at the top that runs from inside the siding to cover the top surfaces of the trim around the opening.


Just make sure the stain is good and dry, and you'll be good to go.


I'm not sure that "patch" piece is actually helping at all. It might very well look better with just some caulk and the large gap. If you're set on trying to patch it, the first thing is to make sure the patch piece is sized correctly. It might just be the perspective of the picture, but it the piece looks like it might be larger than original baseboard. ...


Easy way, Best results: Remove carpet, pad and nailing strips. Vacuum. Measure thickness of new flooring with underlayment, and add 1/16 inch. Take your biscuit joiner, and remove the adjustable front shoe. Extend the blade and tie it back using a tie wrap. Measure the distance from the base plate to the TOP edge of the cutter. Subtract this from the ...

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