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The "mysteriously gigantic" nailers are probably 15 gauge trim nailers similar to this one: Sounds like the one that you have is a finish nailer, and is likely a smaller gauge and uses nails with smaller heads. Thus less driving power required and a smaller gun. A trim nailer will generally give you better holding power, but also higher possibility of ...


This seems to be a design and/or shopping question, that is completely dependent on personal preference. You could trim the hole out with wood, some type of metal or plastic flange, some type of port hole from a ship (if you're going for a nautical theme), etc. The options are only limited by your imagination.


I guess I don't understand the problem. If you are making a projection port, why would it look funny? The standard professional projection window is fairly innocuous, even when used with a humongous projector: (From http://neiloseman.com/?p=3222) Here are two which are much larger than you might use for your application: (From ...


Removal is your best bet. Whether you use a heat gun, which much care will be needed since burning what will be bare wood eventually can easily occur. Also you will need to wear a respirator to get past any harmful fumes from the off gassing of the heated paint. Various shapes of scrapers will still be needed to clear out the crevices to freshen up the look ...

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