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In our state you trash collectors will no longer pick up metal items You either take it to the dump as garbage or to a metal recycler. Large metal items are not recyclable through trash collection either. Check with you trash collection company or town.


I believe George Carlin had a commentary on this in one of his early routines, and suggested bending it to the point where it does not have a top opening anymore. After all, the garbagemen don't want to get in trouble because they threw away your somewhat beat up trash can that you were planning to use for another 20 years. So you have to make it obviously ...


The trash collectors are too busy to care about pieces of paper inside the can. I'd suggest writing a new note in large bold letter on large paper saying a very simple message like "please take the can. It is also trash." the note should be placed on the outside in a way that makes reading it easy, fast, and inevitable.


I have trashed many a trashcan. Simply get axe and have fun for 10 minutes and throw it in a few bags. Note that whether metal or plastic, the axe ricochets so make sure no one is around you and that you have space.

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