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Dilute chlorine bleach and your garden hose (assuming an adjustable nozzle that can give you a focused spray). No scrubbing required. You can't really prevent it from getting smelly, but keeping all the trash in plastic bags will help. I use 13-gallon drawstring bags in the main kitchen trashcan and plastic shopping bags in my others. Tie them off before ...


I've seen some houses near me have a sort of cage for them -- looks like a little fenced-off area on the side of the house, with the trash cans in there, and can swing open in front to get the trash cans out. If it's really windy, you might need to add a top to it, so the trash cans can't lift out in high winds.


I personally wouldn't do it. Even if you could find a suitable hatch, you'd need a good way to clean it out regularly. When I lived in an apartment complex with a hatch, it was foul; it was bad enough that they'd spray for bugs every 3-4 months, and in the process, drive the bugs into other apartments (and mine was right next to the chute ... so make sure, ...


A garage will frequently have fire rated drywall, a vapor barrier, and insulation. The fire rated drywall prevents fires in the garage from roasting your home before the fire dept can get there (1 hour). The vapor barrier prevents exhaust fumes (CO) from getting into your home from any cars. And the insulation is because the garage is an unheated space. I'm ...


We used to get excellent results on this same problem by using cinder blocks. I'd just leave them around the garbage cans like a border, and wedge the cans inside them. It works surprisingly well, and it's simple, requiring no construction.


Your idea of a bungee cording the trash cans to the side of the house might be the easiest option. (Other than duct tape.) You could try a set of D-rings and concrete screws for that. Just make sure they'll be rust-resistant.


Simple Green full strength - spray the entire inside of the can down and let it sit/dry out. It will definitely deodorize and leave you with a relatively pleasant smell afterwards.


I have trashed many a trashcan. Simply get axe and have fun for 10 minutes and throw it in a few bags. Note that whether metal or plastic, the axe ricochets so make sure no one is around you and that you have space.


I believe George Carlin had a commentary on this in one of his early routines, and suggested bending it to the point where it does not have a top opening anymore. After all, the garbagemen don't want to get in trouble because they threw away your somewhat beat up trash can that you were planning to use for another 20 years. So you have to make it obviously ...


Since you already have the bungie cords you could put up a post (wood, metal) in between them attached to a heavy block on the ground, put a hook/D-Ring near the top, and then wrap the bungie cord around each can attaching it to the post.


If the majority of the smell comes from food scraps, have you considered a heavy duty garbage disposal? It would probably be cheaper and still reduce the smell.


From the reviews of these Simple Human trash cans at Amazon, this seems to be a complaint many have reported. It sounds like a design flaw. How long have you owned it? The only positive that I have to say about this trash can is that it looks nice. However, the functionality of it is less than desirable. I have had this trash can for almost a year, ...


Just do it!! Don't let the neigh-sayers ruin it. It can be a fun little project. Use a tilting door built into the wall of the kitchen or to replace a cabinet, use a spring loaded hinge so that it closes by itself (it could look like a normal cabinet door). Use a sufficiently large aluminum duct (like for HVAC) to act as the cute and position a bottomless ...


If you're able to drill the wall and attach metal fixings you could use nylon webbing with some heavy duty velcro to make simple retaining straps. They'd be anchored to the wall fixings so you'd just need to do/undo the velcro to fasten/release. Here in the UK our wheelie bins have a 'loop' as part of their hinge structure and this has proved perfect for ...

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