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HDX tools are made of less expensive metals and plastics, and have a much lower price than Husky, which has a lower price than Irwin Tools, which is less than Bacco Tools. You pay what you get for.


podger(podgering) spanner or spike


You might find this useful: https://woodgears.ca/bandsaw/tension.html It is about how one really smart engineer/wood-worker measures band tension.


I recommend the following procedure after cutting treated wood: Cut several pieces of untreated wood. Clean the blade and surrounding with a cloth with little synthetic oil on it. Repeat this procedure several times always using a clean fresh cloth. Here's why I recommend this: It is difficult to reach every point of your saw blade when just cleaning it ...


The torque applied to a faster by an impact wrench can be controlled by a torque limiting extension bar. The torque limiting extension bar looks like a normal socket extension, except that they are designed to flex at a predefined torque. This flex absorbs the impacts from the wrench and stops the transmission of energy to the fastener at the predefined ...


I have an old Makita mini grinder that my dad out fitted with a 5" wood cutting blade from a mini circular saw. Unfortunately it has no guard and no handle. We use it for hard to reach areas that a regular circ saw or reciprocating saw won't reach. But my dad and I have nick named it the "killer" because it is the scariest tool I've ever used. if you're ...


That is a countersink. I would not call it a drill bit, as it's intended to open and shape a hole. Typically a through-hole of the smallest diameter is drilled, then the countersink is performed as a secondary operation. It is typically not advisable to try and "drill" a hole with a countersink.

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