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Having a vent on a powder is nice but not required. Since that room will not be producing high humidity the air technically doesn't require venting. If the home is already built, that is why it most likely doesn't already have one (track housing is almost always built just to code; if the code doesn't require it, it will not have it). If the house is not ...


Drain pipes tend to build up a layer of fat and goo on the walls of the pipe over time. Pipes can be cleaned and maintained by pouring a large container of boiling water down the drain. Or by treating with an inexpensive commercially available enzyme that will multiply forming a colony that actually eats the grime off of your pipes.


Yep, you've got to cut it and should then use a Fernco coupling to plumb a modern PVC flange into the system. In the past I've tried unscrewing cast iron but it always breaks, sometimes shattering past a convenient cut point!


I ended up pouring some very liquid mix of waterproof cement down the pipe and catching it again at the exit, it seems that is filled the little cracks inside the pipe. It's been a few weeks of testing by pouring water down and I don't see any leaks anymore. I have to specify that the pipe was horizontal and the cracks on the bottom part of it, that allowed ...


There is no need for difficulties like raising the whole foor just to raise a toilet, or cutting the pipe to install a new flange which is lower. I recently raised a toilet almost 1 cm off the floor easily using grout. I had to do this after attaching a repair ring onto the flange, which has broken closet-bolt slots, but is otherwise solid. The repair ring ...

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