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If it's an American standard (newer toilet) like a cadet 3 or champion 4, this is normal. The tank is high on the bowl and the sound is from the flush valve dripping in to the tank and it sounds like it's dripping into the crawl space.


Looks like it says "BRASS" on it, I'd guess American Brass. Identify your stem, here. It may not leak anymore if you have tightened it, but now you need to loosen it a little to let it operate. I appreciate your need to be gentile, but I'd swap the entire valve out. One thing though, is that nipple NPT? It kinda looks like machine thread. Safest way to ...


The only way that I know of to repair this kind of damage without replacing the pipe is to have an epoxy lining installed. What this essentially will do is add a tough epoxy coating to the entire pipe from the inside. This is something you would need a specialist for. The tools and materials are not readily available to a homeowner. An epoxy liner is not ...


My intuition tells me this is the fill valve, it stopped when the fill line / valve were de-pressured overnight.


That was what someone attempted in one of my houses. The correct fix, which I finally did after several episodes of sewer smell, was to add a riser to make up for the thickness of the tile floor. Morons and plumbing do not mix well.


I only do it if the floor is uneven as in stone tile. It's way more difficult to do a repair later if the toilet is stuck to the floor.


The first (and most likely) place it's stuck is at the top bend inside the toilet. That's usually a rather tight turn. The second place is at the bottom, either above or below the floor flange. The bend going into the house drain stack is usually fairly gentle but there are ridges that can catch larger objects. In short, there is no simple way to answer ...

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