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Just the hot. Just switch the hot.


There's a lot going on here, and I think we could spend a lot of time drawing out the threads of this design and implementation; however, to answer your specific questions: No, current will not flow back through a device from the neutral in any but the most pathological circumstances, for two reasons. First, it is incumbent upon the builder to ground all ...


Instruction Manual. The issue may be more with how the old timer was connected. How were the Black and Red at top connected for the old timer? Does your light have two separate switches? If yes, you could have a three way switch.


The question is a bit long for me to follow fully but I will say that on a 120V circuit you are not aloud to switch the neutral. It is a code rule. You always switch the hot, never the neutral. I am not sure if your whole circuit is 120V but theres a part answer for you.


Orision, My take on this is that you understand what you want pretty well, and understand electricity only at a very surface level. That's not a great mix. My suggestion would be for you to do some googling on home automation products and see if you can come up with a way to set up a system that accomplishes this with off the shelf home automation products ...


Spring Wound Timer It is pretty easy to put this timer in a 2-gang box with an outlet controlled by the timer, and an extension cord to plug the whole thing in. Then you would turn on the timer, press the button on the coffee pot, and 45 minutes later or whatever, the outlet turns off. Cost would be around $30-40, which would pay for a lot of electricity ...


Other than the fact that you already have a coffee maker, many/most coffee makers with timer/clock arrangements will shut themselves off after an hour or so (whether started by timer or started by hand.) The most straightforward solution with the coffee maker you have is to change what you interact with to turn it on - leave the coffee maker "switched on" ...

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