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Don't Float it!!!! The worst DIY advice anyone ever gave me was to use a float to spread grout across my rough stone (porcelain replica) tile. It took me over 70 hrs with a putty knife (I rounded the edges on 3 actually), a wire brush (actually 5 of them), and acidic grout haze remover just to get it looking presentable again. Fill a masonry bag, or empty ...


You can use either. If your walls are perfectly flat and the tile is too then 1/4 will be fine. What would I normally do with 6x24? I would use a 1/4" trowel but backbutter all of the pieces. The tiles need to be pushed firmly in place too. My main concern with this type of tile is the bowing in the middle.


Most tile manufacturers will have a specific trowel recommendation for their tile. It may not be either of the ones you own. In that case you'll buy another one. In any case, it is normally clearly stated in the installation instructions for the tile. The size and shape of the notches affects both the total amount of thinset (so a 3/8 X 3/8 X 3/8 notched ...

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