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Yes just add more grout in. Not a huge deal but really looks like a rush job. Look in basement or storage to see if they left any grout bags. If they didn't don't just use whatever grout. Mix a small batch and let it dry and make sure it is the same color. If you chip off a piece of grout that is by one of your gaps you can bring a sample to the ...


Yes, in all likelihood this can be repaired fairly easily. It is a good possibility that these holes are due to poor quality work where the original grout was not fully squeezed down into the joints. You may find other areas that are not yet broken open but also just a partial penetration into the joint. You will have to work carefully to replace with like ...


I know this is an old question but you would us a modified thinset and tile. NO NO NO you do not use mastic for a basement floor. Next time it flood you will have tile/asbestos coming up. If this option wasn't discussed with you then you had the wrong contractors.


Some generic pieces of advice here: Buy cabinets with a bigger footprint. If a smaller footprint it can work out if there is an equal distance around the bottom. You can lay down mosaics to make a border. It really depends and we would need to see a picture for more help. Anytime you tile a bathroom, tile the whole thing. Cabinets should sit on the ...

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