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If you swapped out the thermostats with the power on, you could have shorted out the transformer. Best case is a blown fuse, worst case is a blown transformer. Do you have a C wire at the thermostat? If so, test AC voltage (VAC) between R and C. You should get between 24 and 30 volts. The furnace breaker should be in the main panel, or there will be a ...


This is basically a safety feature. In the case of heating, if the fan turned off immediately after turning off the thermostat, the heat buildup in the heat exchanger could cause it to eventually crack and leak carbon monoxide into your house, so the fan continues to blow until the heat exchanger sufficiently cools. In the case of the A/C, there's no ...


Some thermostats already include a fan "recirculation" mode, which runs the fan for (usually) ⅓ of the time that the thermostat is NOT calling for heating or cooling. This feature is specifically to mix the air in the dwelling so the temperature remains even. I recommend upgrading your thermostat to one with this feature.


You should use 12/2 if the 240v appliance requires two hot plus ground. If you can't find 12/2 wire that has black/red/ground... you can use the more common wire that has black/white/ground where both black and white are hot. If doing this you MUST identify the white wire as hot at the appliance (or outlet if used) and at the panel. I always use colored heat ...


Does your thermostat take batteries? The thermostat in my house takes a standard AA battery. When the battery got old, the thermostat went nuts. If it does take a battery, it's probably about due for a replacement.


Nothing complicated about it. Power to switch. Power from switch to fan. Power to thermostat. Power from thermostat to fan; or, more likely if you cannot source a thermostat rated to switch the motor load directly: Power to thermostat. Power to relay. Power from thermostat to relay coil. Power from relay contacts to fan. [in this case, the switch could ...


I put brand new Panasonic batteries in my thermostat and it did nothing. However, it worked with the old batteries, one of which was Energizer, and the other was Duracell. Clearly it takes a stronger battery.

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