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There is an adapter that allows the Nest Thermostat, (or any other 24v thermostat), to control most brands of Mini Split A/C's and Heat Pumps. It is cheap and easy to install. It is made by "JP Manufacturing" and they can be found at NestMiniSplitAdapters.com . I have also seen them on Ebay lately. We retrofitted 26 mini splits at a hotel in Palm ...


There should be a notch, slot, groove, or other marking on the shaft. Which should align with a similar marking on the knob. If not... Simply turn the shaft to one of the extremes (all the way up or down), then install the knob to indicate the appropriate setting.


Eneloop batteries are NiMH which has a normal voltage of 1.2V vs. 1.5V for an alkaline batteries. Your thermostat uses two batteries so the Eneloops will generate 2.4V instead of 3V for fresh alkalines. At a worst case, the thermostat will not work (or report low batteries with fully charged batteries). Best case, the batteries will last for a short time. ...

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